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Data Analytics

When businesses collect data, they do so with the ultimate goal of making better decisions. The data collected typically undergoes multiple levels of analysis, including analyzing historical information and making predictions of future outcomes. Intelligent analytics is the primary process through which your business can derive value from collected data. We focus on delivering actionable intelligence to the right people at the right time. It’s about accessing, analysing, and interpreting your most relevant data – then putting it to work

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Fast Data

Why make decisions on historical data? You can monitor activities and take actions in real time!
G8 Brooks focuses on getting real-time data to every decision maker, in every division. We rapidly develop and deploy low-cost solutions to gain real-time insights from devices, sensors, infrastructure and applications. Using auto-instrumentation, we collect billions of metrics and events, store them in super-clusters and make it easy for you to create ad-hoc queries in milliseconds.

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