About G8 Brooks

About G8 Brooks

G8 Brooks

G8 Brooks is not just a technology company; we are architects of possibilities. Our vision goes beyond conventional boundaries as we seamlessly blend technology, education, and data insights to create a holistic learning and innovation ecosystem.

We are a fast growing company with experienced team of experts in the fields of software development and its accompanying technological tools. Growth, productivity and innovation are the underlying tenets that drives our culture.

We Build Business Solutions

Over the year we have lots of experience in our field. We offer solutions in the diverse areas of Software/Application development as well as cloud-based SaaS solutions.
We also offer training products.

24/7 Dedicated Support

As it is not enough to offer you platforms to enhance your business, we equally give a dedicated support service.

Our Operational Security

Security is essential to everything we do.

  • Role Based: Access controls are enforced at each layer of infrastructure.
  • All Application use access logs and are stored centrally and monitored.
  • Routine Security Test: We regularly carry out both internal and external network penetration tests.